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What Does An Accomplished Leader Look Like?

Accomplished leaders have the ability to influence others to follow them into even the most difficult situations.

They uplift their team and take full responsibility for any failure…

They bring out the best in the people around them, and have a positive impact on the world.

Leaders like this challenge you to up your game just by the way they perform.

In your leadership role, something's not quite clicking. You’re running yourself into the ground trying to be everything to everyone, and still not feeling like you have a handle on leading your team.

You’ve tried every exercise and leadership strategy you can find, but nothing seems to change.

You’re left wondering…

What’s their secret? Where do I start?

Here’s The Bad News…And The Good News

Truly accomplished leaders haven’t found a one-size-fits-all solution. They didn’t wake up one morning magically transformed.

Accomplished leaders aren’t made overnight—they’re developed over time.

So if you’re desperate for a quick and easy fix, I’m sorry to tell you it doesn’t exist.

But here’s the good news: you can learn this development process. And you can start it today.

It begins with letting go of the idea that the solution lies outside of you. It’s not about changing who’s on your team, or implementing the right tips or tricks.

Leadership starts with you—it starts with becoming resolved to be the best you can be.

It starts with understanding… You are the leader in your own life.

“Mastering others is a strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Lao Tzu

Accomplished leaders understand themselves fully so they know exactly what they need to show up to the job effectively, and to help others do the same.

You become a leader worth following through daily, intentional resolve, and through every decision you make, both inside and outside of work.

When you can learn fundamental skills like taking responsibility for your own actions and understanding how your needs impact your performance, you increase your understanding of yourself and of the people around you.

My Name Is Christine Matzen

I’m an intuitive leadership consultant, and author of the book Leader: The Journey To Become The Force Your Business Needs to Win.

Every day I help clients develop the skills and mindset necessary to step into their full leadership potential, and to become leaders worth following.

I take my clients through a unique process to drill down on what defines them. It’s all about creating a deeply personalized approach to their leadership development. Your version of leadership will look completely different than someone else’s, so your journey will look different from theirs.

Now, I’ve created a self-guided online course: Define Yourself.

It’s designed to walk you through the personalized process of understanding yourself on the deepest level, and learning what it takes to optimize your performance as a leader.

Leadership Doesn’t End When You Leave The Office

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “It’s not personal. It’s just business.”

We love to believe that fundamental things like work and home life can be completely separated. It would certainly be convenient if they could be!

But humans can’t be bifurcated into separate “work” and “home” selves, and it’s only hurting us to pretend we can be.

Your leadership cannot be separated from your humanity.

The Productivity Model Is Failing You

Many leaders believe that improving their performance is a matter of adding things—of filling up every minute of their day. This is a reasonable assumption, especially considering the popularity of the “Productivity Model” in our culture.

At first, it may even work! On day one you’ll clear out your entire inbox, or take on an ambitious new workout routine.

But over time, the only thing continued productivity gets you is burnout. It’s simply unsustainable to ask human beings to stay “optimized” every minute of the day.

Real productivity doesn’t come from cutting down on sleep. It doesn’t come from stretching yourself too thin. It comes from the fundamentals of human peak performance done every day.

This is why your first commitment as a leader should be to yourself. If you’re not healthy, focused, and fueled up, you’re not going to be the best leader you can be for your team.

This is an unconventional course!

Although becoming an accomplished leader is based on a deliberate daily action over time, your training does not need to be filled with hours of busy work.

This training course is high level conceptual training. The content is delivered in manageable steps podcast style. You can access this training without disrupting your life. I want you to be able to listen in and start making changes without a huge time commitment.

I am an accomplished leader—my time is valuable and so is yours.

I'm Ready Christine, I Want To Invest In My Potential!

It All Starts With A Commitment…

Imagine what it would be like to know yourself fully, and to understand exactly what you need to perform at your best.

Imagine feeling in-control of your day, without being so wound up by the end of it that you need to numb yourself with alcohol or bad TV.

Imagine having the time and energy to actually connect with your team and support them, without constantly worrying about all the tasks you’re neglecting in the meantime.

All of this is possible. It starts with a commitment to invest in your own development as a leader.

There’s no shortcut. It’s a process that is made with every step and decision you take from this moment forward. Don’t waste another week or month from developing into the leader you can become.

Real leaders acknowledge that this process can be difficult, but they step up to the challenge anyways.

So are you ready to tackle this challenge? Are you ready to invest in yourself, and your leadership potential?

I'm Ready Christine, I Want To Invest In My Potential!

Your Instructor

Christine Matzen
Christine Matzen

Seventeen years of working on an ambulance helped me develop strong instincts and a deep intuition and respect for people. It shaped me into a quick-thinking, decisive leader. My friends and family call me a “fixer,” because you can drop me in a crisis and I’ll automatically look for the win-win solution.

But as much as I loved working as a paramedic, the role was pushing me beyond my limits. I became seriously ill—I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I had reached total burnout. I decided I needed to step back from my career and focus on my health, and take a serious inventory of what was important to me in life.

I thought about what my strengths were and what I was passionate about, and remembered when I served as a field training officer and eventually a clinical field supervisor. I loved everything about mentoring and giving back, and it was fulfilling to watch proudly as many of my former trainees went on to become leaders themselves.

This realization inspired me to go back to school and earn a master’s degree in leadership and management. Then I took all of my experiences as a leader in Emergency Medical Services and my struggles with burnout and I channeled them into my book Leader: The Journey To Become The Force Your Business Needs To Win.

Now I continue that work in my leadership coaching and consulting services. Every single day I get to follow my passion and help leaders develop the skills and mindset necessary to inspire the people around them. I’m committed to helping people like you become leaders worth following.

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